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فیوز سیبا siba fuses Ultra-rapid

Protection for power semiconductors
Power semiconductors: Without the high-tech developments in the field of converters, thyristors or UPS, today’s energy supply would be unthinkable. As important as these devices are, they are also highly sensitive to short-circuit currents. It is therefore reassuring to know that SIBA makes fuses that work so fast they are able to protect these semiconductors and so keep them working for very much longer. The name of this product range is “Ultra-rapid”. They separate your investment from the power supply quickly and reliably. And we have designed them in such a way that even after a long time in service under constantly changing operating loads, they still maintain their condition. For we know that every tenth of a second counts if your semiconductor is to be kept safe from harm …

فیوز سیبا

فیوز سیبا High-voltage siba fuses

High-voltage, high-performance fuses

Power stations, substations, overhead power lines: Of the many energy utility installations that ensure our vital electricity supply, most people only take notice of the big, visible features. As far as many consumers are concerned, electricity still simply comes out of the wall. But that things are far from that simple is a story the energy utilities could tell every day.But to prevent matters from reaching a pitch where people notice that something is wrong because the power has failed, the operators take precautions by investing in good time, and not just in the visible infrastructure. This extends from the transformer via cable and wire to the consumer. SIBA products protect this infrastructure – and thus make their own contribution to the reliability of our energy supply.

فیوز سیبا Low-voltage siba fuses

Low-voltage, high-performance fuses

A switchgear without proper fuse protection may well be put out of service for a considerable time. And that can be expensive. And even if the actual damage is covered by the insurance, the outage may cause an order to be lost, and nobody except you will pay for all the trouble and work involved. So seen from this angle, optimum fuse protection is a very worthwhile investment. If the worst comes to the worst, the fuse reacts instantaneously, is quickly replaced, and work can then carry on as before.But also at home and in other locations, SIBA NH fuses provide sound protection against faults in the electrical system or poor workmanship during installation of the wiring. And as always, preventing material damage is one thing. Protecting human life and health another. We are committed to doing both.

Measuring equipment, sensor technology, machine controls – industrial electronics are the nervous system of manufacturing industry and constitute a continuous sequence of high-flying developments.

Complicated, sometimes extremely miniaturised devices and fittings working in close communication with one another ensure that everything works as it is supposed to. Complex programming ensures that the many cogs in the production machinery all work smoothly together. Equipment with such an important role also needs special protection: SIBA miniature fuses ensure that if the worst should come to the worst, the components have a soft landing. To protect your electronics from harm.

SIBA holds over 10,000 different fuse technology products. But even with that variety, we can still not cover every application, and for constantly changing needs we have to develop ever new variants. And even if one fuse fits perfectly, it may still not be able to be used because – to give just one example – a specific tripping sequence may be required in the case of fuses installed in series.Nevertheless, we also have a wide variety of pre-made products available for special applications – from mining to the railways.

SIBA fuses are in use all over the world and in the most diverse places and applications to protect the investments of our customers. It is far preferable for a fuse to be tripped than for a machine or a complete plant to suffer damage. Read here to find out how that works in everyday practice.

فیوز سیبا