Real-time Clock
Accuracy: 0.5 seconds per day (over full temperature range)
Mains synchronised or internal crystal (TCXO) time keeping. Mains synchronised reverts to internal crystal (TCXO) on loss of all phase volts
Data Memory
Configuration, TOU data and load survey data
Flash RAM
Battery backed up RAM
۱۶ Characters by 2 lines alphanumeric display
Programmable units, multipliers and leading zeros
Up to 64 user-defined screen displays
Displays any available meter parameter

Standards and Complianc
Class 0.2S and Class 0.5S (MID Class C)
IEC 62052-11, 62053-22 (Class 0.2S and Class 0.5S), 62053-23 (Class 2)
EN 50470-1 and 50470-3

Key Specifications

Nominal Voltage: 57V – ۲۴۰V (phase to neutral)
Frequency: 45Hz – ۶۵Hz

CT Range: 1/4A, 1/6A, 5/10A and 5/20A
Burden: <0.5VA/phase

Dimension and Weight
۲۶۰mm (H) x 173mm (W) x 93mm (D)
Weight: 2 kg (standard) and 2.2 kg (with SCADA card)

• Up to 3 independently working communication ports:
– Optical port: FLAG (IEC 62056-21) or ANSI Type 2 (ANSI C12.18)
– RS-232 (RTS/CTS and DTR/DCD)
– RS-485 multi-drop (4-wire with RJ45 or screw terminal)
• Option for SCADA card
• Option for internal modem power supply
• PSTN, UDP/IP, GPRS/PPP capable
• Compatible with MV-90TM
• Master/Slave arrangement with up to 31 ‘Slave” meters accessed through one ‘Master’ gateway meter

• NEM compliant
• Over 900 kilobytes of flash data storage space.
– ۳۱۰۰ day-channel capacity at 30 minute intervals
– ۱۸۷۵ day capacity at 30 minute intervals/2 channels
– ۵۲۰ day capacity at 15 minute intervals/3 channels
• Up to 50 channels
• Interval programmable from 1 minute to 1 month
• Multiple independent surveys
• Energy, instantaneous readings, pulsing inputs, average/min/max readings

Extensions for Customer Applications
Mk6E GENIUS plus®meter continues the successful concept of meter “Extensions” introduced in the original Mk6 Genius® using “EziScript”, complex register manipulations can be performed allowing sophisticated meter functions. New extensions are constantly under development, contact us to find out the latest updates.
Some examples of currently available extensions are:
Send SMS at percentage of maximum demand, or equipment failure alarm
Maximum demand control of loads via pulsing outputs
Time of use history, etc

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