Project Description

معرفی SCALANCE X-500 زیمنس


All three devices with their different media modules offer maximum network availability and long-term security – for up to 10 Gbps.

Structure your plant network using SCALANCE X-500 as a central component. Have complete freedom in the choice of connection media, use various redundancy concepts and link your plant network to your corporate IT system.


The Siemens SCALANCE XM-400 Industrial Ethernet Switch grows with its tasks, thanks to its great flexibility in all areas, with:

Pluggable transceiver with SC or BFOC connector technology

Expansion via port extender

Fast access to mobile diagnosis thanks to NFC (Near Field Communication) and existing WLAN

Different expandable basic devices

Combo ports for the use of RJ45 or SFP

SFP transceivers for distances up to 200 km with fiber-optic cables

برای استعلام قیمت SCALANCE زیمنس با ما تماس بگیرید



شرکت توسعه سیماتک ایرانیان، آماده تامین زیمنس SCALANCE مدل های X-500 , X-400 , X-300 , X-200

سیماتک ایرانیان دارای ۱۰ سال عملکرد بدون نقص در فروش تجهیزات صنعتی برند زیمنس.تامین قطعات صنعتی این برند را به ما محول کنید کافیست

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