SINAMICS G110 is a frequency inverter with basic functions for a variety of industrial variable-speed drive applications. The particularly compact SINAMICS G110 inverter operates with voltage frequency control on single-phase supplies (200 V to 240 V). It is the ideal low-cost frequency inverter solution for the lower power range of the SINAMICS family.

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Voltage and power ranges: ۱AC 200 – 240 V, ± ۱۰%, ۰٫۱۲ kW – 3 kW

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Typical Uses

SINAMICSG110 is especially suited for use with pumps and fans, or as a drive in various industrial sectors, such as the food, textile and packaging industries. as well as for conveyor systems, factory gate and garage door drives, and as a universal drive for moving billboards and fitness equipment.


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